I have worked with companies on freelance projects ranging from improving their ‘About Us’ pageĀ  to creating 10,000 word reports on disasters and preparedness. I can tell you I prefer the latter. In fact I specialize in Survival, Fitness, Emergency Preparedness, Safety and the Outdoors. These niche markets all require a level of passion and experience from a freelance writer.

Podcasting and working in these industries for over 5 years has really built a base of knowledge for me in this field. I have had guests on my podcast that are top of the class survivalists and emergency preparedness innovators. The ideas and information shared is simply unforgettable.

What you should expect from my services is more than a simple word count. I will offer you a level of understanding on these topics that will be hard to find within the pool of active freelances. It is in this niche that I have made most of my money and built the confidence to jump careers into writing.

I have a family, a mortgage and all the responsibilities that go along with that. This is my career which is another attribute that may be harder to find in today’s freelance market.

Let me craft your message and bring your product to those who are looking for it. Let me create the content that will be shared around the internet and bring people back to your site again and again. I have already done it for others!

James Walton