I believe in the power of good writing. I have used it to sell products for clients and to sell my own work as well.

White Papers $150 per page

Are you looking for a business to business communication tool to get eyes on your product or service? A customized white paper with well researched content can set you apart from the competition.

Blog Posts under 2000 words $50

Your content is what drives people to your site. When using content mills you run the risk of getting shotty work. Trust me, your readers will know the difference. In today’s world we don’t get many chances to keep an audience. The competition is fierce. Rise above it with great content!

Ebooks 12,000 words or less $500 cover and back cover blurb included

Digital products like Ebooks are generating tons of revenue for people all over the world. If you are an expert you need an Ebook. Not only is this a revenue generator but it also positions you as leader in your niche. I will also design cover art for your project as well and that is included in the price. When you receive your finished Ebook you will have everything you need to publish right away.

Instructional Content photos and up to 2000 words $125

Are you looking for how to’s and instructional content in the field of hunting, fishing, survival, preparedness, cooking, fitness or health. These are all niche markets I can cover with instructional content. Our instructional content is more powerful than your average blog because its teaching your readers a skill and showing them along the way.

Infographics – Starting at $50

If you are looking to diversify your blog content and your social media presence you need infographics. These powerful communication and marketing tools grab the attention of readers with their easily digestible information and eye catching look.